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Wood Door Restoration & Repair Using Fine Oils


About Us

The Most Experienced Company:

Summit Wood Door Refinishing (SWDR) has been refinishing wood doors since 2003. As far as we know, we are have been refinishing wood doors exclusively longer than any company in the US. This company was started at 9600 feet in the Colorado Rockies, where the UV rays and temperature extremes are far more than any other environment in the US. Those original doors done in 2003 look as good today as they did then, due to our unique refinishing process.

Our Unique Refinishing Process:

SWDR uses a process that is different than other companies. We use natural oils with UV inhibitors and pigments that are hand rubbed into the wood. These natural oils flex with the temperature variations and nourish the wood fibers. This provides the longest possible finish with a simple yearly maintenance program.

Because natural oils flex with temperature extremes, you do not get the pealing and flaking that hard finishes get. Hard finishes are almost always utilized by others because they are the quickest to apply and quickly spraying on the finish makes the refinisher the most money.

With natural oils, each application needs to dry 24-72 hours in-between depending on the weather conditions. Two-Three applications are generally required so you can see how it is easier to do everything for the refinisher in one trip. However, this quick hard-finish spray-on approach is inferior to the hand rubbed on 3 application process. With our owner-assist program we can offer you a fine hand-rubbed furniture-grade finish for the same price as a sprayed-on hard plastic-looking finish.

A Discount for Owner Assist:

Our goal is to give you the best service at the least price. One of the ways we achieve this is to offer a discount for the owner to apply the second and third coats. We leave you all the materials and supplies to do this plus enough for 10-years of maintenance. We leave you with a complete “maintenance kit”, so to insure that your door will keep its furniture-grade appearance for years to come!

All Exterior Work is Done On Site:

See “Our Process” for an explanation of this. The bottom line for you is that you are never without a lockable door every night. We hang plastic so that no dirt or insects come into your home while we are working on your door. All hardware is removed during the stripping process.

Scope of Our Services:

We offer specialty services to our exterior door refinishing like reveneering, rot removal and rebuilding, door adjustments, and installation of new hardware. We also refinish gazebos, garage doors, railings, and windows. We offer additional services like interior door refinishing, dog scratch repair, touch-up and repair of moldings, railings, window sills and other interior wood surfaces as well.

Free Estimates:

Call us today to give you a customized bid on your door. You have nothing to loose and only a long-lasting furniture-grade finish to gain at a very reasonable price.